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Who we are

Yorktowne Industrial Solutions LLC is a one stop shop, multi-craft service company that is focused on innovating and changing the way that traditional, skilled services are being offered, and performed.  In 2016 Founder, Brian Almoney observed several critical deficiencies within the local services industry, and decided to address them by forming Yorktowne Industrial Solutions.  One of the many deficiencies that Brian noticed was that the quality of work being experienced from the popular, traditional services companies was simply not meeting expectations.  Often, these companies needed to be called onsite several times in order to fix and resolve the same issue that went unresolved during previous service calls.  When questioning the quality of work that was being performed, and the invoicing that was directly tied to that work, Brian received a lot push back from the service managers, and customer service representatives in the form of excuses, lack of cooperation, and overall negative attitudes.  Knowing the he was not the only person experiencing these types difficulties with the services that were being performed, Brian decided to form a company that would offer better quality control, better technical services, and provide a better overall experience for all of Yorktowne's customers.  

Our Services

We offer all of the traditional services such as Automation, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Landscaping/Snow Removal, Maintenance, Welding & Fabrication, and many more.  We have partnered with local investment companies to manage all of their project, renovation, and property management needs.  We also offer, and provide all of our services to Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Customers within the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster and surrounding areas.  

Why Yorktowne?

Yorktowne Industrial Solutions was created, and designed solely with the end line customer in mind.  Whether you are a homeowner, manufacturing facility, or restaurateur, Yorktowne Industrial Solutions plans on being your last point of contact for all of your service needs.  Stop paying for poor quality service, Stop calling multiple companies while trying to complete a project, Stop chasing & begging companies to provide you with the services you need.  Call us today to start a new relationship with a company that cares about its customers, and the work that it performs! 

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